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News updates

  • Prime-minister Narendra Modi will address the nation today at 8 pm.
  • After a long 6 hours meeting Modi has asked the chief ministers to share their strategies to deal with Coronavirus after 15th May.
  • However, people are speculating lockdown 4.0 might start.
  • Now let’s see this time central government will go with the switch on-off mode or will come up with something suitable for the economic condition.
  • In some states, Maharashtra, WestBengal, Telegana, Punjab the lockdown might extend till 25th May.
  • Humanity is still alive, an 85 years old lady sells idli at Rs. 1 to migrants despite of loses.
  • Punjab MLA Amarinder Singh Raja disturbed pamphlets to the migrants who were boarding train and announced “Congress has paid for their tickets”.
Video of CM leader distributing pamphlets
  • Salman Khan released his song ‘Tere Bina’ today at 12 pm. The song is released in YouTube which is featuring Jacqueline Fernandez with Salman khan. The entire shoot was done in Salman’s farmhouse.
  • Former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has been discharged from AIIMS. His health is recovering also his COVID-19 test came negative.
  • Two teachers and a staff of a yoga centre in Rishikesh were arrested after a Japanese women complained against them for sexual harassment and verbal abuse.
  • Dr Indranil Basu Ray an Indian-American cardiologist wrote a letter to Mamata Banerjee.
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  • Unlock 3 Guidelines.
    Ministry of Health Affairs issued guidelines for Unlock 3 which will come into effect from August 1. Night curfew is removed, now you are no more restricted to stay at home during the night. Good news for fitness freaks: Gyms and yoga centres will reopen. After a long time, we are about to celebrate function, […]
  • Buddha-Bottle paint.
    I painted Lord Buddha on a bottle. It’s easy you can also give it a try. Step 1. Soak the empty bottle in water for 24 hours so that the label comes out and it gets clean. Step 2. To paint your glass bottles, you can use glass paint or acrylic paint. On the first […]
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Avianca Airlines, world’s second oldest airlines has filed for bankruptcy in US court due to COVID-19.

  • In Spain, a video showing a fire in a park which is not harming the trees and green grasses went viral. The link of the video is shared below, this is actually magical.
  • 13,000 tons of Styrene is shipped to South Korea. The factory that is shipping the styrene is the same factory named LG polymers, Vizag where the gas leak incident happened recently.