Chapter-4 Page 11

27th February, Bhopal-Akhil’s flat.

Akhil woke up from his sleep. Someone was continuously ringing the doorbell and calling on his number. He screamed,” coming wait”.

The whole flat was a mess, bottles of whiskey were rolling over, flies were flying all over the used glasses and utensils. Anyone could say that the flat has not been cleaned for a long time.

Akhil’s heart pumped with anxiety, he guessed, Nillie is standing outside. He opened the door and all his smile went away seeing Paras.

Paras: Hey brother!

Paras gave a tight hug but soon he realised the cold vibe of his brother.

Akhil was aback by Paras sudden arrival. He was not expecting him to be here, at least not this time.

Paras: What happened? You seem so upset. Where is bhabi( sister-in-law)?

He went inside in search of Nillie and looking around the surroundings he soon realized that everything was not fine. He turned back and looked towards Akhil.

Akhil narrated him everything, showed him the divorce papers.

Paras: So now, what you want?

Akhil: I don’t want to leave Nillie, I still love her. I think we should talk, she will come back. She has taken the step out of resentment.

Paras: Do you really think that?

I have never shared you but your friend, Sahil shared me something years back.

Akhil: I asked you not to take his name ever.

Paras: Yes but now it’s the right time and I cannot keep these inside me anymore. He was your best friend. You asked him to help Nillie and get some shows. He also made an album with Nillie then and later you guys had a fight over Nillie. You never listened to his side of the story.


Akhil: How did you know that we had a fight? Do you know that he proposed to Nillie even knowing that I loved her?

Paras: Come on, Sahil was my good friend as well, he was like a family member.

I didn’t tell you then because you were blindly in love with Nillie even you are in the same zone but she was always ambitious and focused.

He told me everything since then I knew the girl was not good for you but I always wanted your happiness so I didn’t say anything.

Akhil: Enough is enough, you are crossing your limit. If you can’t help me at least don’t create more problems.

I don’t want to hear anything about her, don’t forget she is still your sister-in-law and my wife. You may leave now.

Paras: Relax, calm down. I am sorry, I take my words back. Whatever you say, I will follow but please don’t live alone here. Let’s go home, mom misses you so much.

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Akhil: I want to be alone now, I will come later. I need to go to the office now.

Paras: No problem, as you wish but I can’t live you alone here. I will come back to the evening and stay with you. Bye for now.

Paras shut the door and left. Akhil sat on the chair, Paras stirred down his memories. Sahil was a close friend of Akhil’s. They used to spend time together, he was fun-loving and caring. He was very good at everything and wanted to become a movie star. He used to perform in many shows and was a well-known YouTuber then but now he is a star in the Bollywood industry. He gained his success in just 2 years of time.

When Nillie was in Bhopal, Akhil asked Sahil to take her in some of the dance videos.

What happened between Akhil and Sahil?

Nillie was the main cause of their fight, what was the reason?

You will get to know when you turn the next page.


Holi party 2020

Holi is at our doorsteps. The festival of colours, happiness, love, forgiveness, food and friendship. It’s is the festival of spring. Also the saddest part, last Indian festival. Now we have to wait for Raksha Bandhan.

Holi is a historical and ancient festival, which is celebrated almost in all parts of our country. Not just India, the festival has spread its colours to other Asian and western parts.

Holi 2020

This year holi is on 9th and 10th March.


It is speculated that Holi is been celebrated several centuries before Christ. Earlier is was known as ‘ Holika’. It is mentioned in Puranas, Vedas and by different poets from the reign of Chandragupta.

Holi celebration in India

Holi this festival has renovated itself time-to-time.

From colours mixed in waters to organic gulal(colour) which is skin-friendly to saving water. But the luckiest part being a 90’s kid, I have enjoyed all. Now holi means events, parties, DJ, dance, gujiya, malpua(Indian traditional dessert), Dahi Bhalla and much more.

Let’s take a tour of India, so first I am going to take you to:

Must read:

My native place: West Bengal

Holi is known as Basanta Utsav or Doljatra there. Bengalis celebrate holi a day earlier than other parts of the country.

Holi in West Bengal: 9th March.

Doljatra is celebrated in Assam and Orissa as well. Doljatra is based on Radha and Krishna, Lord Krishna proposed Radha on the day.

Similarly, in this part of India people play with colours which are called ‘phag’ there.

Phag, abir or gulal is the respect, honour, affection shown to elders, family and friends. During the day kids play holi and evening time, phag or abir is applied to the pictures of deceased forefathers, feet of all elders and on the cheek and forehead of same age groups or younger ones.

In Shantiniketan, functions are arranged where artists perform. It was first started by Rabindranath Tagore.

Now let me take you to the place I grew up: Bihar

Now the festival has shrunk down to a day’s festival. Earlier it used to be a 3 days festival with:

Dhul khel( playing in dust)

Choti holi and main holi.

Holika Dahan at evening.

As I grew up in Bhagalpur, Bihar I remember that our holi used to start at 7 am in the morning until the time our parents didn’t take us home.

Our parents were also busy playing holi with their friends. Basically, my parents experienced holi being played with colours and families preparing pidhikiyas, Dahi Bhalla malpua when they settled down in Bihar.

Holika dahan : 9th March, 2020

Timings: 05:54 pm-08:20 pm

Playing with colors: 10th March

Now let me take you to Uttar-Pradesh

The main hub of Holi in India is Uttar-Pradesh. Playing with colours actually started from the lanes of Mathura and Vrindavan and spread all over.

Bhang (Cannabis): Holi of UP is impaired without Bhang, thandai and bhang k ladoo (traditional Indian food and beverage) along with all the mathris and gujias.

It is also celebrated as the harvesting season, people throw water balloons, colours and drench each other with water here.

If you ever travel to UP during holi, you will find

Lathmar holi or Barsana Holi: In this, women hit men with sticks.

If you want to refresh your childhood memories or play the ancient holi then you must go to Mathura.

Holi in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai

In these metro cities, events are organized where you can experience rain dance, pool party, DJ, an unlimited buffet, music and dance, playing with colors and lots more.

However, in Mumbai, they have matki celebration as well.

In Goa, you can enjoy holi in beaches.

Holi Events 2020


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Goa Holi Beach Party

The Grand Holi Party

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Taj Land’s end: Zoom Holi Fest 2020

HOLI Party 20-20 In-Resort

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Safety & Precautions

Due to the Coronavirus and H1N1 outbreak, gatherings are not advised.

Even our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has announced that he will not be attending any events this year.

Many events have been cancelled due to the same cause.

29 cases of Corona Virus have been confirmed until now in India.

It’s better to stay safe at home, enjoy the festival with family.

Prepare special dishes, be your own DJ and let the home speakers take the charge.

Enjoy movies at home.

Wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers.

Happy Holi and save Holi to everyone!!


Do you believe in future predictions?

Here are a few future predictions.

We all have heard about intuition and studied about five sense organs but it’s also believed that we have a sixth sense.

Have you ever felt that there is something else which can sense danger, observe or feeling the aura of a person?

We generally say that ” I didn’t like the vibe of the person” or ” I think that I am forgetting something”.

We have watched many shows where a person can communicate with the dead bodies or can predict the future.

A very popular Hollywood movie “The sixth sense was based on a person who could speak to dead people also there were many Bollywood movies and web series based on the same script. Recently, I watch a web-series on Viu app where a person gets inside to the brain of a coma patient to know the crime as easily solves the cases getting into the mind of dead bodies and helping police to find out the criminals. This is so much, a person like this can help police then we won’t need to wait for the postmortem or forensic reports, isn’t it?

That’s crazy, in our India we have so many saints who tell us about the power of meditation and train our mind accordingly. They can predict your future and tell you what’s going in your mind.

I remember while I just started my career after studies, I went to Gwalior to spend time with my friends and from there I landed to a baba ( Saint) in Gwalior. He was very famous for his future prediction and can exactly tell you what’s going in your mind. He used to charge only 10 Rs from the followers who came for a consultation, out of curiosity I also went with one of my friend.

Must Read:

So everyone was sitting on the floor and the baba was sitting on his throne; it was exactly not a throne it was a kind of cemented place. So one of the volunteers gave me a small piece of paper where a number was mentioned and followers were being called accordingly so mine was ninth. It was an open space so we can hear the problems and issues of all.

There were many ladies sitting who were worried because of their husband’s and his family majorly. So the problem and solutions we’re given instantly.

Listening to there problems, I realized that I have no problem then now I do have a lot of issues.

I was there to know about my career, future if I will get a better job, about my love & relationship( though it was secondary then) but yes I wanted to know about that as well.

So my number came, the baba asked my name, he closed his eyes and meditated for a few seconds and then looked at me and smiled. He lifted one of his hands and started reading looking at it. There was nothing written, to my astonishment he said

Arey yar main jitni talented Hun waise mere sath Kuch hota nai hai,meri job jaisi lagni Chahiye waise kab lagegi?

Mere sath to Kuch Acha hi nai ho rha

Arey yar main BADA admi kab banungi.

Hey dude i'm so talented but I never get job according to my skills and talent. When will I get a good job and earn wealth, name and fame.

The irony was that I have a habit of using “is yar” very often and the Saint started with this. Till today, I have no answer how he did that because it’s the way I speak and he didn’t speak the same way to others.

But what is more interesting what he said. Pay attention to it, because this is going to be epic.

You will become very famous one day, you will have your own factory. The factory which you are working now will be yours one day or you will start something similar to it.

Mine was most positive compared to my friends, so I was on cloud 9 though the important factor was that I was working with IndusInd bank then so how it’s possible to own a bank or start a new bank. You have an angel with you who will always protect you and no one can ever harm you.

I am not Ambani’s daughter who can just call her dad and say, I am quitting my job, dad, because now I want to start up my own ” Bhattacharyya bank”.

So at present, I don’t own any bank nor a factory. Yes, I do have a start-up which is not yet profitable or on records of giving me fame.

I haven’t appeared on any magazine’s from page yet with a quote ” young and talented Entrepreneur” nor any reporter came to interview me, let’s see if I can accomplish my dreams before I die and predictions of baba come to be true.

Also talking about the angel, I haven’t met her yet but yes one thing I have endured that nothing wrong happened to me till date and the best part is those who conspire against me has failed or got punished, not always but yes sometimes but don’t know about the fact, but I am not promoting superstitions over here let me be precise and clear about it. I just shared my experience but with age, I stopped believing in astrology, stars or miracles of gems.

This was my story but we have heard and read about so many future predictions done and mentioned by media.

I remember the future predictions done by an octopus was famous, he always correctly predicted the winner of the football cup.

Famous future predictions:

In 1660, Robert Boyle predicted that transplantation will be one of the most important tools for curing diseases. No doubt, that our technology has advanced and his prediction became true.

By 2022, people will be fluent in many languages. I am not sure if it’s going to happen though I can speak in three languages yet I am not able to read or write in the Chinese language in spite of having my business in China and interacting with them on daily basis from 6 years. I think I will be the only person who won’t be able to prove the prediction correct.

Passwords will be abandoned, it might happen because already our phones have the face recognition method so I suppose within 5 years this will be more effective in every field.

We will be able to communicate with our close ones even after death through virtual reality. It might happen as Ray Kurzweil, futurist and director of Google is the one who introduced this idea.

An asteroid might destroy us in 862 years, this kind of news I am hearing since 2000 yet I and my earth is safe.

The widow of a victim the September 11, 2001 attacks proclaimed that many victims had premonitions on the subject of this brutal day. Her husband had vertigo the morning of the attacks while on his way to work. And well before the 11th of September, he often said he didn’t see himself living beyond the year 2001.

The sinking of the Titanic was also future predicted.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death, a few days before he was killed.

We can find many such predictions in our day to day lives, share me yours and if it came true.



Chapter-3; Page-10

Zoe was so much in the belief of spiritual activities. She started doing planchette very often.

Zoe had a gym friend, Niti a single mother of 2 kids, she ran a beauty parlour for her living and practised spiritual activities. She was a believer in God, meditated & worshipped for hours and hours. Zoe was so attracted towards Niti and her spiritual practices. Niti knew palmistry, she was a fortune teller, they used to share their experiences and knowledge.

Zoe not only was her gym friend but also her loyal parlour customer. Niti had relationships with multiple guys and she discussed her unsuccessful married life, along with her spicy dates with random men with Zoe.

Zoe was discovering that having a boyfriend is very common also an interesting matter to discuss. She made a perception that beautiful girls must have boyfriends because she heard of comments which got poured in her mind.

Possessing a boyfriend; a style statement is the new learning she absorbed.
She continued talking with Sam and Rudra however, Rudra was in daily contact but Sam called her only twice or thrice a week.

She built feelings for both the boys and wondered who will be the dream boy. She already lost hope in Rudra as he disclosed about his girlfriend, she considered Sam on the first place as he was his only friend when she had none.

One evening, when Zoe was studying suddenly Rudra called him ;

Rudra: Hey!

Zoe. : Hello!

Rudra: What are you doing?

Zoe. : Just preparing for my internal exams. You tell

Rudra: Please do me a favour, call at my girlfriend’s mother number, once she receives say that you are a friend of Gunj and when Gunj will be online, I will speak to her. We will be on Conference-call.

Zoe had no prior experience in helping friends in these cases, she denied. Rudra requested her several times and finally, she got convinced.

She dialled the number and Gunj’s mother picked up.

Zoe: Hi Aunty!

Gunj’s mother: Yes, who’s on the line.

Zoe: Aunty I am Gunj’s friend, I was trying her number for few days but her number is switched off so I dialled your number. Kindly pass the call to her.

Gunj’s mother: From where are you calling? How do you know her?

Zoe: I am calling from Gwalior now, I was preparing medical exams with her in Kota.

Gunj’s mother: She is not in the home now.

Zoe: Please tell her to call me when she comes, bye aunty.

Gunj’s mother hanged up the call, Rudra was on the line, he heard everything.

Rudra: Her mother already suspected that I was behind this call.

Zoe consoled him to wait as Gunj might call her back.
Rudra kept on talking about Gunj how he taught her Biology and though she was dumb in studies, he taught her because she was his girlfriend.

Zoe kept on listening to him, the tales of his love life.

The next morning, Zoe had the mid-term exam she prepared for her exam and went to college. She was afraid of what if due to short attendance she isn’t allowed to sit in the exams. She has missed many classes after she joined the gym.

She rushed to the notice board where the list of students was mentioned who were eligible for exams.
Zoe wasn’t allowed to sit in 3 exams due to short attendance including this subject. She requested the teacher but went in vain.

She returned to her hostel and directly went to Archie’s room. Archie consoled her that it was normal to miss papers as she has a chance to sit in rest 2 mid-terms and only 2 mid-terms marks were considered. That was the first time, she started taking exams lightly. She was panicking as what to say her parents as they will trash her if they get to know.

Zoe was having lunch with Archie when her father called. She lied to her father that she gave the exam though it didn’t go well.

This was the first time she lied to her parents but she found that her parents weren’t upset so telling lies and hiding truth is good to keep parents out of worry. A new thing she learned today.

Zoe is not the simple girl anymore, she is absorbing good and bad lessons.

Worried about Zoe’s career, what will happen to the school topper?

Will Gunj call Zoe?

Zoe will have a boyfriend ever?

Message me your reviews and suggestions. What type of character you want Zoe to be-

Simple, obedient and studious.


An average student who enjoys all colours of life.

Love you all..!! Like & share to support Zoe.


Zoe-Chapter 3; Page-9

I love U.

Zoe was blown by the message. She was holding a cooking pan on one hand and the phone was on the other hand. She was demented of worry and excitement. Her crush proposed her but at the same time, she didn’t like Rudra proposing her within 3 months of friendship.

Though she was flustered and her heart was ready to guard down, finally after staring at the message and thinking for a few minutes she controlled her emotions and texted :

What..??… Are you out of your mind, we are just friends and I don’t like all these…..

After texting him, Zoe was quite confused she maintained her dignity by refusing, she didn’t like Rudra’s early proposal, however, at the same time she was upset in denying to the person, she actually felt for.

Zoe took a deep breath, continued preparing her lunch. She received another text from Rudra

I love the alphabet U, not you. I love all other alphabets as well ☺☺

After reading the message, Zoe was mad at Rudra but she was happy to reject the proposal, it would be really shameful if she had accepted it.

Things went normal, both didn’t discuss the same topic again. Rudra’s respect for Zoe increased. They started becoming good friends. Rudra shared about his girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Lashy decided to leave the hostel and shift to a flat with her friend. She informed Zoe a week before shifting, Zoe got upset and cried a lot as Lashy was a good roommate and her friend, she requested to change her mind but Lashy was already firm at her decision.

Finally, the day came when Lashy was ready to move she was waiting for the cab, Zoe went with her to help with her baggage and bid goodbye.

With heavy heart, She was waving to Lashy standing at the hostel gate, suddenly her phone rang, it was Rudra’s call she forgot her loneliness and started talking to him.

Rudra was upset as the girl he liked wasn’t responding any more. Her parents got to know about their relationship and became strict with her. Rudra was unable to contact her for a month, he was upset and said that it’s difficult to forget her. Zoe silently listened to him, she had no experience of love and it’s feelings but she was upset about Rudra.

Rudra kept on talking about her girlfriend and how they spent time together. The day passed with a heavy heart.

Archie was also in her hometown when Lashy left but Zoe was now adapted to the hostel life in these 10 months. It was easy for her to manage alone and spent her time with the rest of the hostel mates.

Zoe being a science student was facing difficulty in accounts. She tried hard to study and kept struggling with Journal, ledger and statistics but only succeeded in scoring passing marks. However, she passed with good marks in Semester 1 but she was now distracted from studies, her focus was on the gym and grooming herself.

Finally, she got a new roommate, named Sonali.

Sonali knew planchette, planchette is basically a board and is famous for calling spirits. Sonali taught Zoe planchette, it was quite adventurous and exciting to call spirits and know about the future.

They, however, didn’t have a board a piece of paper was used were on one end they wrote all alphabets and on the other end digits from 0-9 were written. In the middle a coin was placed, one circle was drawn at the centre and four more circles were drawn adjacent to the centre circle, under which four notes were written





They used to call spirits by placing the finger above the coin, the coin was not to be touched once the spirit comes automatically your finger will step on the coin and it will start moving to answer your questions.

To call a spirit, you need to chant continuously :

Any spirit in the vicinity please enter into this coin.

Once you are done with your questions thank and request the spirit to leave.

Sonali taught Zoe and they started doing that quite often, it required proper concentration it took time to call a spirit. One day, under Sonali’s supervision Zoe practised herself and spirit came soon.

Sonali declared that as Zoe is a child with a clean heart that’s why the spirit came so soon.

They used to ask silly questions if they will pass their exams if they will have a boyfriend and his name…

Zoe one day asked the spirit if she will have a boyfriend

The coin moved to “Yes”

Zoe shared her new experience amongst her college friends and they used to do planchette together.

Some of the predictions were correct that made Zoe believe more.

Zoe felt like a star among her friends.

Her experience with Sonali was quite adventurous, however, she shifted to another room the next month and Zoe was all alone in the room again.

Planchette is dangerous, calling spirits can cause one’s life. Is Zoe in danger?

What will happen to Rudra love-story?

To know, be with me on this journey…


Zoe-Chapter 3


It was afternoon and no one was on the terrace except Zoe and Paly.

Zoe freed herself from Paly’s grip, she was shaking with fear as the attack was quite shocking for her, she maintained a distance and said :

Zoe: You do whatever you want to, you didn’t want me to stay and now why are you complaining!?!

She ran away immediately after saying this. Paly was like an elder sister to her, before. Though Zoe never liked to visit her family friends house with parents, she was the only one whom she relished. That was a really very emotional moment though she knew that was the end of their friendship.

Lashy was talking to her friend when Zoe entered with the confusing and frightening face.
Lashy found something was wrong with her and made her comfortable so that she could speak up.

Meanwhile, Paly was still in the terrace, she immediately dialled Zoe’s mother number.

Paly: Hi aunty, Zoe is going out of hands, she never talks to me or comes to meet me. She has made new friends and she ignores me as if I am a stranger.

She continued.

I am her local guardian, I helped her to get admission here and now what I am getting out of it.

Zoe’s mother: Dear child, she chose Gwalior only because of you. We wanted her to study in Kolkata or nearby so that she could be under our supervision. We also accepted her decision because you were there. But when we reached you occupied the room and she had to manage all by herself. Archie and other senior friends helped her to survive.

We will talk to Zoe about this and understand her issues, you concentrate on your studies and don’t bother about her.

Zoe’s mother hung up the call, she was quite worried about Paly’s sudden call and the way she was shouting at her.

However, things became normal after Zoe narrated the whole story to Lashy and Archie, they laughed at Paly and started avoiding her more after the incident.

Zoe discussed with her parents and their parents took it lightly as well.

Zoe always wanted to join the gym and groom herself, one fine day she joined a gym and started following the diet plan.

The gym was quite basic but the gym owner was a great trainer. He invested his time on each member.

One evening, Zoe opened her Orkut account and found “Rudra’s” request on the top.

Rudra’s Message: Hi, it’s Rudra, I hope you remember, we went to the same biology tuition and were in the same class.

How silly was that, how could Zoe forget Rudra, he was her burning desire. She felt extremely giddy & shy whenever Rudra was around her. Rudra used to think Zoe had an attitude problem as she never talked to him but it occurred to be the butterflies flying inside that made her nervous & excited at the same time made her tongue-tied invariably but now things have changed, Zoe has changed.

She felt like her heart will leap out from the chest, she added him instantly.

Rudra was online as well and they started chatting.

Rudra was preparing for Medical Examinations in Kota (a hub for Medical & engineering preparation ) both shared their numbers.

Time passed by, now Zoe & Rudra were good friends they used to chat and talk a lot.

Those were the days, calls were expensive, WhatsApp or similar apps were not been introduced in India. Sms, phone calls and listening to FM channels were the only purposes of using a phone.

Throughout the day they kept texting each other & at night Rudra called Zoe, they used to talk for hours & hours & hours…..

After vigorously gym and diet, in just 45 days, Zoe lost almost 9kgs of weight.

Zoe transformed herself, from fat to fit.

Groomed her dress sense, she looked ravishing, more charming and beautiful than before. Her features rose sharply within her chubby cheeks. Zoe was growing from a kid to a college girl.

She had beautiful, sparkling yet small eyes. She was overloaded with cuteness, her face looked fresh and the smile on her face made people forget their worries.

She had brown wavy hair with a fair complexion, she made boys head turn wherever she went and girls loved to be in her company. She had a golden heart with a good sense of humour, she was caring & loving for her friends.

On the other hand, Rudra was fair and had sharp features with big, brooding and intoxicating eyes. He was of average height and had well-maintained physique with the fine jawline and V-shaped body.

Rudra went to Kota for his medical preparations, he was a bright child but he got distracted there. More than studying and scoring marks in tests he started scoring on girls.

Rudra had around 6-7 girlfriends, few relationships started at Kota few girls were from Bhagalpur itself.

He maintained a diary to remember the important dates, like & dislikes of each girl. In this bunch of girls, he was in love with one girl, however, the girl left Kota yet they were struggling to continue that relationship. Rudra missed her and went to visit her town for a few times.

One day, Zoe was cooking lunch for herself a message appeared,

Rudra texted: I love U….U

Zoe read the message, she was surprised and shocked at the same time.

Rudra was a Casanova, Zoe was unaware of Rudra’s character, she was blushing as she read the message. Rudra was Zoe’s crush, Zoe never expected that her crush will propose to her ever.

On the other hand, Rudra used to send this message to every girl to know the intention of that girl.

Will Zoe fall in Rudra’s trap? Will Zoe admit her love towards him and allow Rudra to cheat her? Will Paly get affected by Zoe’s group?

Guess and tell me the answers or be with me for the next part of the journey..!

Mysterious facts in world.

There are so many places and incidents which are unsolved or unknown to us. There are a few things which are unexplained by Science and a few things which are so weird, people can’t explain it.

I suppose almost all of us has heard about the Bermuda Triangle and the underlying causes.

We have heard about many haunted places and houses where ghosts live. Some believe that they have seen UFO and aliens. Let me share some lesser-known mysterious things today.

There are many mysterious things in the world. In this blog, I am naming a few:

Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal Flame Falls, this curious natural manifestation is a real ambivalence to behold. It’s a small waterfall located in the Shale Creek preserve, it emits natural gas that can lit the small blaze or flame.

The city of Atlantis

This is a fictional island though many books in history states to believe that there was an advanced city.

Atlantis was named after a DemiGod and it might be 11500 year’s old.

Must read:

Many of the time mankind and empires were destroyed. However, according to Plato, Atlantis existed he wrote around two books on the subject.

People have lost wealth even their lives to look for Atlantis.

The ambivalence of musical pillars-Vittala temple, Hampi, Karnataka.

This temple consists of 56 pillars and they produce sound when tapped, but Britishers tried to unveil the mystery during their rule by breaking two of the pillars, they could find nothing inside. However, dabbing on them has been prohibited in order to conserve them.

Also read:

Kongka Pass State- India-China Border

Remember Jadoo from Koi mil gya?

We have watched many movies who shows the existence of aliens and their excursion to earth.

Indian Army has been noting innumerable sightings of unidentified luminous and radiant objects near Ladakh around India–China border. According to some army officials, these objects are not drones or satellites, and according to the astronomers who investigated the manifestation, these are not meteors either. These flying objects reportedly look like spaceships and it has become a common sight to see them entering the base and fleeing away and nonetheless, it is unspecified.

Floating stones- Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

According to the epic story, Ramanaya we have read that Lord Ram built a bridge from the stones popularly known as Rama Setu or Adam’s temple.

It was said that the normal stones we’re lifted and “Rama” was written on it and then they were thrown to the sea which started to float. Few stones have been found from that place, which tends to float and scientists are yet to identify the manifestation of the floating stones.



H1N1 in Bangalore

The first case of H1N1 Positive was found in two employees of SAP. Days after shut down of SAP, many other companies have discovered employees carrying H1N1 virus.

Recently 2 employees of Nutanix Bangalore office were also diagnosed with the H1N1 virus.

The company is setting up a free H1N1 immunization camp for its employees/interns and contractors. Similarly, several other companies in Bangalore are taking precautions to avoid spreading of the virus.

Karnataka has already witnessed two deaths due to the H1N1 virus.

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According to the reports, 72 cases have been found out to be positive in Bangalore followed by 9 deaths in UP.

Till now India has recorded 884 cases of H1N1 Positive and 17 deaths.

What is H1N1 Virus?

H1N1 virus or swine flu( earlier occurs from pigs). It is a human respiratory infection induced by influenza strain from pigs. It emerged in 1919 and still circulates and then in 2009 the scientists recognized the swine flu virus called H1N1.

One of my Chinese friends said that that this is the year if Boxers and comes after every 60 years. The year of Boxers brings bad luck and diseases, loss of health & wealth. 2020 is witnessing it since Jan, 1 with fire in forests of Australia, then Corona virus and now H1N1.

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Symptoms of the H1N1 virus(swine flu).

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy or runny nose.
  • Body ache
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in your stomach or sides
  • Dizziness
  • Red eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

The symptoms acquire one or three days after you are perceived by the virus. If you experience any kind of following symptoms immediately consult a doctor.

It can cause serious respiratory problems, lung infection. It can cause major illness to diabetic or asthma patients.

Precautions from H1N1 Virus

  • Use hand sanitizer frequently.
  • Avoid contact
  • Avoid crowds
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Take care of your hygiene
  • Take care about your eating and drinking.
  • Cover your cough and sneezes
  • Wear masks


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  • Vaccination
  • Consult a doctor immediately
  • You are already in hospital if you the diagnosis result comes positive.
  • There are 4 types of antiviral drugs prescribed to the patient.
  • Take adequate amount of rest.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Consider pain relievers



A bride in a hostile family.

Mehar woke up early in the morning, the mornings aren’t the same it used to be a few months back. She is now part of a new family. She has got new responsibilities and new people, she is bound to adapt to the new circumstances. Must read:

The story of a princess whose death is a mystery :

In India, girls are always judged and blamed. ” Aisi ladki nai pasand Mujhe, waise ladki galat hai ” ( I don’t like this kind of girl, that girl is wrong ). ” Mere bete ko fansaya “( she trapped my son), ” mere Bhai ko Badal Diya (she changed my brother )”
And out of the box, the aunty who got divorced years back commented in a sarcastic tone “suna hai tumhari bahu sindoor laga k ghumti hai” (I have heard that your daughter-in-law puts on vermilion wherever she goes)…
The reply to that aunt should be ” do chutki sindoor ki kimat aap kya jano”, dher Sara pyaar basta hai isme”. (What do you know about the worth of two pinches of vermilion, is a lot of love.)
And to the one who was busy in judging Mehar, she thought of gifting her a mirror.It’s very easy to put allegations by all the aunties and relatives who are there to judge a bride. The saddest part is they are so rigid to accept that the girl is now part of their family. Women jealous, envy, demean and hate each-other rather than welcoming the girl, they just plan to mentally harass and abuse her. The clock was ticking, and suddenly Mehar came out of her thoughts with the howl of her mother-in-law. She was screaming from the verandah, ” It’s already 9 in the morning, I haven’t got tea yet. Girls nowadays have no manners. In our time, we used to wake up early before everyone. I don’t know what will happen to the family now, what did Rajat saw in her “. Read more:

Women’s condition in lockdown:

A short story of lockdown:

How society & family body shames a girl:

Mehar checked her phone, there were 393 pending work mails and 198 unread messages on WhatsApp. Her husband was sleeping beside her. She went towards the washroom with a heavy heart and disturbed mind. She was thinking of becoming a good wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law. She was thinking, how to balance her professional and personal life.

Unfortunately, some family members are so psychotic that no matter how hard you try to forge a healthy relationship, nothing will help. Now that you’re an adult, take refuge in the fact that some things are beyond your control. You owe it to yourself to steer clear of people who are harmful to your health. 

                -Andrea Lavinthal

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Will she be able to keep her ego and self-respect aside? Help Mehar, guide her to deal with her new phase of life.Friends, if you are touched with the short story, write to me.
Be happy and let others!

Zoe- Chapter 3 Transformation begins


Rita left the room in a day and Zoe felt victorious. Zoe started interacting with hostel mates also girls of her floor started visiting her room after Rita left.

Those days Orkut was popular in India. Zoe also created an account on Orkut, She found many school friends there, she added Sam and a few more friends. She wished if she could find Rudra, he was still not out from Zoe’s mind.

Now she had made friends, it became easier for her to settle down. It’s been two months now she has adjusted herself to the hostel life. However, Zoe’s mother was still in pain of departing from her child, she spent hours and hours in Zoe’s room, sleeping in her bed to feel the presence of her only child. She called every hour to hear her voice. Zoe’s father was upset to see the situation of both mother & daughter. He decided to talk to her, one day while Zoe’s mother was crying in Zoe’s room, her father sat silently near to her, said :

“It’s painful to see you both crying like this. You need to be strong and make her as well so that she can adopt. It was her choice to move to another town and you supported her. If you both behave like this, I will bring her back, you both stay happy then”.

Zoe’s Mom: You book the tickets for Gwalior asap. I want to see her.

Nile and other friends often came for group studies in her room. Archie returned after the semester break, they both started sharing a great bond and spent time together.
Archie was a beautiful girl with long and straight hair, she was slim and fair but she was very strict for Zoe and treated her as a sister.

On the other hand, Zoe had Archie and few more friends now in the hostel, college mates and a few online friends one of which was Savy her new chat buddy with whom she spent hours and hours chatting daily, a gentleman, they only texted each other on Orkut. But besides all, Sam and Zoe both got busy in their own lives, the daily phone calls became alternate and then reduced to once in a week.

One evening, Zoe found a pending request from her classmate who was one of Rudra’s best friend. With an intention or hope, she added him that someday Rudra might send her request as well.

Therein Bhagalpur at the same time, Zoe’s mother was packing her bags to travel to Gwalior next day. Zoe was excited to meet her parents finally and she went to the store to buy a few snacks for them.

Finally, the morning arrived, Zoe’s parents were about to reach in the evening. Every minute of the wait was getting difficult for Zoe. Finally, their parents arrived, her mother was tired but her eyes sparkled seeing Zoe’s face. They hugged each other but their parents were now relaxed to see that now their child is able to live alone. They met with all her new hostel friends. Zoe with her family went for shopping and hopped at restaurants. After two days, Zoe’s parents returned but now they were relieved to find their child happy.

Zoe found a new roommate Lashy, she was Archie’s friend and senior of Zoe. Three of them became very good friends. Lashy was a tall and slim girl came for studies from a small town. She was studying at a private college. They used to spend all the time together. Zoe didn’t like going to college as the government teachers used to miss their periods but Zoe bunked her class because she loved spending time in a hostel, a new family for her.

A Sunday morning, Archie knocked on the door of Zoe’s room with news of Paly’s return. Three of them gossiped and discussed over the friendly equation Zoe, Archie and Paly will share now.

Paly & Archie were classmates but Archie had built a stronger and close relationship with Zoe now so did Zoe.

Paly was jealous to find that Zoe has built a good friendship bond with Archie. Zoe avoided Paly as much as she can. She was hurt what Paly has done.

Zoe always wanted to join the gym and groom herself, she joined a gym and followed the diet plan. She started reducing weight.

Here the tensions in the hostel started to rise more as Archie avoided Paly which made Paly lose her temper. Paly wanted Zoe to be with her and obey her.

One afternoon, when Zoe was taking a brisk walk on the terrace. Paly came to Zoe and said:

Paly: What’s your problem? Why you are not talking to me? You are becoming over smart after shifting here. Don’t forget, I am your local guardian here, I will complain to your parents how you have bypassed and made friends with others and what you do here.

Zoe didn’t say anything and turned around to leave. Suddenly Paly forcefully pulled her hand to stop her.

Now, what will happen? Will they both will be able to clear their differences?

Will Rudra ever connect with Zoe?

Stay with me for the next part.