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Are you missing your friends in this lockdown?

The greatest gift you to yourself is making friends. This blog is dedicated to my friends who turned to my family. I am sure while reading this there is a smile on your face thinking of your friends. How annoying they are, right? Still, they are so valuable to endure. A city we live in becomes so strange and difficult to live in without friends. If you close friends with whom you spent years and have witnessed the entire journey with you stand out to incredible. Read the love-story: Being an introvert person, I had fewer friends during school but yes out of those school friend one became my life partner and others became my family. I cried with them, laughed with them, we had parties together and they were always been there for me. A friend of mine cooked breakfast for me the whole week of my birthday. A friend of mine used to be with me all the time even we went to different cities as we grew, we kept travelling to meet each other. Distance never parted us. Must read: A friend of mine was like my network, wherever I go she was always with me. A friend of mine was there when I needed her during the most important event of my life. She managed everything like a sister. When it’s my birthday my friends we’re always there to surprise me, be with me. This blog is dedicated to my friends. “Har Ek friend jaruri hota hai” Be it be in your school or college, office or locality if you lack friendship it becomes arduous and strenuous to sustain. Benefits of Friendship Not just an apple keeps a doctor away, friends also do. People with a large number of friends live longer. A mutual bond which grows with time. On average, people have 3-5 best friends. I have four, what’s your score? You can’t discuss everything with your family members, but you can with your friend. People who care for you will find a reason to be with you. According to studies, close friends share 1% of DNA with you. Isn’t that great? Your close friend always understands when you are in danger. They also dislike the person whose equation is not good with you. Any friendship that was born during the period of 17-25 lasts till the end. I truly believe in it. Friends reduce stress and make you overcome your depression. Your friends influence your weight. I do agree on the part as when I am on a crash diet they also feel the urge of reducing weight but the same doesn’t apply on me. When I eat, I don’t care if my friend is spending hours in the gym or dieting. Share your thoughts, dirty secrets, passion with each other. A true friend is one who stands with you in all phases of life. Every decision you take, they guide you always. Essence of friendship You are concerned about your friend, means a best friend is your responsibility, a sense of love and loyalty. We get protective and possessive for our friend. You learn from each other, it’s more a commitment. Urge to be in contact with each other. A family beyond blood relation. Many great poets, authors have written books on friendship and one of the most popular show FRIENDS which was loved all over the places. If you are missing your friend after reading this, remember your friend is a call away!!

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